Nouveautés louie

Eclypstaff Cuz I Can
(UK IR CH.Lackyle Diabhal Og x Eclypstaff Ladyluck )


Freestyle King by Valdastocks Berserker
(UK.CH Stormpike Dark Lord x Janastaff Berserker Beauty )

Staffordsstuds.free.fr is a website devoted to list Staffordshire Bull Terrier Studs dogs introducing an interest for this breed. This to make available to breeders/owners who wish it an interresting foundation allowing them to work on a broad panel of dog in France and in Europe (this list will may be extended to Australia and US ). I want this website clear, simple to make the search easy. The frist contact , for more informations about a dog with his owner is only by email , everybody is free after to exchange others informations .

The website is actually under construction , so any ideas are welcome .. to make this space a tool for staffords breeders/ owners / owners

Conditions for studs owners to registred their dogs

Conditions are simples, selectives and objectives . Every studs owners can apply to registre his dog on this website .

The conditions to fill for the dog are the following :

-Be tested L2HGA and HC Clear (by parentage - we need parents copy certificates)

-Obtain minimum 5 EXC in FCI shows (or for Uk owners 5 placements - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, RES or VHC in Uk shows ) with 5 differents judges. Contact

For the dogs judged by Uk or Irl specialist judges - it's possible to add the comment of judgement

For Frenchs dogs the conditions are quite differents ( we need to be registred here , DNA certification for pedigree , L2HGA and HC tests Clear , TAN (french temperament test) 5 EXC with 5 differents judges ( 2 rated in Special show, regional show) and 1 in Champ or National show

Precisions for females 's owners

Every studs owners can throw the conditions they want (contract , specials conditions ect ...), as well as the fees they want for the mating, and / or refuse it.

The informations send to me, by the studs owners, are from their only responsibility